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Is this Uncomfortable? A New Format to Discuss Race
Inclusion & Belonging Mona Patel Oct 08, 2020
Participate in Gray Zones—live social experiments where you enter a show and leave learning something new about yourself when it comes to topics like race or sexual harassment. Take the experiment here:
Presenter Mona Patel
About Mona Patel
I started my career in human factors in user experience, transitioned over to design thinking and then started my first company, Motivate Design 11 years ago. We work with some of the largest brands like Nike, Facebook, Venmo, Merck and CapitalOne to help them improve the user experience of their products and services. I started a second company that places people in user experience roles, and then focused my time on writing two books on design thinking: Reframe: Shift the Way you Work, Innovate and Think and The Thing About Swings. I keynote at various conferences, Have written articles for each HBR, Inc., and Entrepreneur magazines, and entrepreneur magazines, and have been a guest on many business-related podcasts. Despite everything happening this year, I still feel very grateful and motivated to “work” each day and do my best to provide value to those around me. I’m especially inspired by the latest ventures, which are Gray Zones, a live social experiment production company, and NOMOS, a sticker that repels mosquitoes. Sometimes I take a break and play with my two kids too.
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