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It's All in the Details: 19 Do's, Don'ts, and Best Practices for Presentation Pros
Performance Bridgett McGowen Oct 08, 2020
"It's all in the details, right? Whether you're talking attire, an essay, or decorating a cake, the small matters are what will make or break you every time. It's no different for presentations. Although each misstep on its own may not feel like a big deal, a culmination of missteps can result in a poorly executed presentation. 1. Do you know the one thing you should never say to your audience at the start of your presentation? 2. Are there phrases you use that diminish your power? What are they, and what should you say instead? 3. Do you know what it is presenters often have audiences do but that you should stop doing? Get the answers to all of these questions and more. Avoid common mistakes, and you set-up yourself to look, feel, and sound like a real pro!"
Presenter Bridgett McGowen
About Bridgett McGowen
Bridgett McGowen is an award-winning international professional speaker; a Forbes contributor; a leadership network member with Entrepreneur; the founder and owner of BMcTALKS Press, an independent publishing company; and the founder and owner of BMcTALKS Academy where she helps professionals monetize their expertise and reach others with their voices! Bridgett has been a professional speaker since 2001 and has spoken on programs alongside prominent figures such as former President Barack Obama, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rhimes, Kim Coles, and Katie Couric. The prestigious University of Texas at Austin presented her with a Master Presenter Award; Canada-based One Woman presented her with two Fearless Woman Awards; and she has facilitated hundreds of presentations to thousands of go-getters positioned all around the globe. Bridgett has earned bachelor's and master's degrees and has taught for Prairie View A&M University, Lone Star College System, and University of Phoenix. She is the author of multiple books to include REAL TALK: What Other Experts Won’t Tell You About How to Make Presentations That Sizzle, which is a 2020 Next Generation Indie Award Finalist, as well as Show Up and Show Out: 52 Communication Habits to Make You Unforgettable. Bridgett resides with her family in Phoenix, Arizona.
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