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Leading from Afar – The Pandemic Leadership Playbook
Performance Christopher Littlefield Oct 08, 2020
After months of working remotely, your leaders are tired, burned out, and barely have the bandwidth to take care of themselves, let alone support their people. As return to work dates get pushed further and further away, it is time to stop waiting for the storm to pass, and learn to thrive in our new reality. Learn to curate an engaging remote team culture without investing more than 15 minutes of planning each week. This program is designed to give you the tools to make leading remotely easier. Leave with an abundance of concrete activities to curate an engaging remote team culture on your team and help leaders in your organization do the same.
Presenter Christopher Littlefield
About Christopher Littlefield
Christopher Littlefield is an International and TEDx Speaker specializing in Employee Engagement. He has trained thousands of leaders around the world how to understand what their people really want and need to be at their best. His clients include Accenture, Facebook, Lebanese Postal Service, Reserve Bank of Australia, Novartis-Sandoz, Salesforce, the U.S. Army, United Nations, and more. His work has been featured in New York, Mindful, and British Psychologies Magazines, and profiled in Harvard Business Review.
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