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Not Everyone Will See HR’s Value: Don’t Let One Be YOU
Performance Laura Mazzullo Oct 08, 2020
HR has never been more valued than right now. We are (finally!) seeing HR professionals thrive in strategic, leadership roles, at their ""seats at the table"" transforming cultures, employee experience and everything related, and engagement and productivity of their employees. Yet, we see many HR pros struggling to see their own value, to do the (crucial) work of self-reflection, to stand in their own power. So many don't feel worthy of the seat they're in! It's hard to look inward, yet it's the most important foundation for all successful HR pros. The ability to stay humble, curious and challenge our own assumptions. HR pros don't want to feel powerless, but so many do. HR pros don't want to feel subservient to their peers, but so many do. And we aren't talking about it... until now! Get ready to spend these 25 minutes together talking about ensuring we stand in our worthiness, recognize our value, and lessen these feelings of powerlessness!
Presenter Laura Mazzullo
About Laura Mazzullo
Laura Mazzullo is the founder and owner of East Side Staffing, a boutique recruitment firm focused on the placement of experienced HR professionals. For the last 15 years, Laura has developed a successful career in recruitment and brings a relationship-focused approach, valuing kindness, curiosity and humility. Laura is committed to and passionate about the talent acquisition space and is always looking for new ways to innovate and best partner with her HR network. Laura combines her recruitment expertise with a consultative approach to offer a personalized service for both HR Candidates and HR Hiring Managers. Connect with Laura on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
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