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Paranormal [Recruiting] Activity: Shifting Best Practices from Ghosting to Feedback
Employee Lifecycle Tristan Layfield Oct 08, 2020
"Ghosting is a hot topic of conversation in the hiring world—whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter. Ghosting occurs when either the candidate or employer cuts off communication without any apparent warning or justification and subsequently ignores any attempts to reach out or communicate. While both sides can be equally frustrating, this session focuses specifically on the implications of potential employers ghosting candidates throughout their recruiting processes. Recruiting provides an opportunity for companies to develop relationships with potential employees. Candidates take the time to tailor their resumes, customize their cover letters, fill out those lengthy applications, and begin the screening and interviewing process only for 53.5% of them to receive no feedback or communication. There are numerous reasons why recruiters and hiring manager ghost candidates, including time/capacity, fear of lawsuits, and third-party outsourcing. While each of those proves to be a valid business concern, imagine the taste this leaves in applicants mouths, not only about the potential employer but about the hiring process in general. As we dive further into the implications ghosting has on candidates, we begin to understand that not providing constructive feedback creates an unnecessary barrier to access for entry-level, Black, PoC, and women candidates. Join the presenter as he discusses the importance and business benefits of candidate feedback, the diversity, equity, and inclusion implications of ghosting candidates, and how feedback positively impacts candidates, which can benefit your hiring pipeline."
Presenter Tristan Layfield
About Tristan Layfield
Tristan Layfield is a career coach and resume writer that has helped over 500 people leverage their value to transition their careers. His practice, rooted in personal leadership and self-advocacy, helps empower job seekers to effectively communicate their value to attract their ideal jobs and employers. With his work featured on major platforms such as LinkedIn, Business Insider, Black Enterprise, and The Muse, Tristan is on a mission to help job seekers build professional brands that transform their mindset and job search.
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