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Putting the Humor in HR: Using Emotions for Efficiency and Effectiveness at Work
Employee Engagement Andrew Tarvin Oct 08, 2020
"The current way of working isn’t actually working. We have become so obsessed with efficiency that employees are stressed out, disengaged, and zombie-like at work. There is a limit to how efficient we can be with humans because they have emotions and feelings, and, in today’s work environment, those emotions impact our ability to get results. But what if there was a way to put those emotions to work. Better yet, what if work didn’t have to feel like so much work. When people strategically use humor in the workplace, they are more productive, less stressed, and happier. And when humor is applied across the five core skills of work, you execute faster, think smarter, communicate better, connect closer, and lead further. In this program, humor engineer, Andrew Tarvin, reverse-engineers the skill of humor to teach you how to get better business results while having more fun. You’ll learn why no one can stop you from using humor, the tenets of humor that anyone (yes, even Bob in accounting) can learn, and how to use humor appropriately."
Presenter Andrew Tarvin
About Andrew Tarvin
Andrew Tarvin is the CEO of Humor That Works, a leadership development company that teaches professionals how to use humor to achieve better business results. He has partnered with top organizations–including IBM, NASA, and the FBI–to solve human challenges with humor solutions. A best-selling author, Andrew has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Inc, and FastCompany, and was named a ‘Visionary Under 40’ by the P&G Alumni Network. His TEDx talk on the skill of humor has been viewed more than twelve million times, only half of which were his mother. He loves chocolate and tweeting puns.
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