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Redefining Resilience: Leveraging Inclusive Leadership to Thrive
Leadership Brittany Cole Oct 08, 2020
Cultivating resilience professionally requires an intricate understanding of how we personally navigate adversity. As leaders change and challenge help to focus on our priorities while establishing a purpose-driven approach to inspire and equip everyone on our team to thrive. Resilience isn’t about bouncing back from adversity, but rather, a resilient mindset enables us to extrapolate the lessons from change and challenge to journey forward in a more effective and efficient way. With compelling storytelling, engaging delivery, and an on-stage and on-screen presence that instantly connects audiences, Brittany Cole shares The Resilience Roadmap™ to help leaders thrive through adversity.
Presenter Brittany Cole
About Brittany Cole
Every experience is an opportunity for continuous improvement! As the CEO of Career Thrivers inclusive leadership development firm, Brittany Cole lives by this motto as a speaker, coach and consultant. Career Thrivers helps organizations cultivate an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive!
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