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Stop Waiting for Your Invitation: Drive Growth and Engage Strategically Today
Strategic HR Lori Kleiman Oct 08, 2020
Enterprise growth requires executive leadership involvement when it comes to changing the culture, focus, or services an organization offers. To be successful, your growth strategy must focus on many things at once, including people. Every aspect of your organization has to work together, and here’s where HR’s role is crucial. Whether it’s a new product or a shift in competitive focus, HR is intrinsic to helping the company stay competitive. HR’s role in driving the success of the organization includes a number of factors. HR must ensure the administrative function of the organization are handled, but also must focus attention on the important role of sharing the culture and vision of the organization. Internal and external relationships will help shape HR's function, as well as your career. In order to drive enterprise growth and achieve optimal business results, HR and the leadership team must get on the same page and keep communications open. But, how can you do this? Lori Kleinman will share proven tips and tricks to being a strategic executive who is action oriented and technologically savvy by defining a five-step process to join the leadership team and have the career of your dreams today!
Presenter Lori Kleiman
About Lori Kleiman
Lori Kleiman is a business expert with more than 30 years advising companies on HR issues. With a Master of Human Resources, Senior HR Certifications, and a member of National Speakers Association, Lori brings the depth of knowledge needed to provide her audiences with the foundation of traditional study and real-world solutions to drive immediate action.
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