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Strategies for How HR Professionals Can Reinvent Themselves in an Era of Disruption
Strategic HR Dr. Shirley Davis Oct 08, 2020
Given the current state of affairs and the multiple disruptions and pandemics facing our nation, it couldn't be a more opportune time for HR professionals to reinvent themselves. Additionally, the workforce is rapidly changing and so are the demands on HR for leading a more diverse, virtual, and inclusive workplace. HR professionals must demonstrate new strategies, policies, and skills in order to be effective business partners. Likewise, they must also manage their own personal life changes and navigate through the waters of uncertainly in this era of disruption. In this engaging session, Dr. Shirley Davis shares real life stories and proven strategies from her 25+ years as an HR professional and corporate executive for how to reinvent yourself and to remain relevant in your HR role and in every area of your life.
Presenter Dr. Shirley Davis
About Dr. Shirley Davis
Dr. Shirley Davis is an accomplished corporate executive and an award-winning global workforce expert, with over 20 years of business experience in a variety of senior leadership roles, including her last role of Vice President of Global Diversity and Inclusion for the Society for Human Resource Management. She’s a former Ms. American United States, a best-selling author, and a popular facilitator for four LinkedIn Learning leadership courses.
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