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The 5 Models of Performance Management: And how to choose the one that's right for you.
Performance Ben Hastings Nov 04, 2021
The best performance management strategy will address the needs of your organization and employees, but where do you start? HR professional get confronted with endless tactics; your VP of Operations loves OKRs, the new HR generalist has a laundry list of engagement ideas, and the sales team wants to go rogue. The key is bringing together a cohesive set of tactics to achieve a focused purpose that your team can agree upon. In this session I provide five complete and cohesive performance management processes that you can steal for your own organization. Each one is designed to achieve one of the five most common purposes for performance management. You'll learn how to assess your organization's performance management needs, how to define a focused performance management approach, what role tactics like 360s and goal check-ins play in your greater strategy, how to implement one of our five templates at your own organization and much more. If you find your organization is frequently jumping from one performance management strategy to the next, you struggle to get managers to buy-in to your approach, or your feedback/review process has gotten bloated and difficult, this session will help you develop a clean and focused approach that serves your organization and your employees. I'll open the session by laying out the 5 most common purposes behind performance management strategies. I'll share some of the pros and cons for each and more importantly discuss types of organizations and organizational needs that most benefit from each approach. Next I'll share our model (template) for each approach so you can steal our tactics for your own organization. We'll discuss how the model specifically achieves the goals behind each purpose and also share how you can tweak each model to make it your own. We'll close with some actionable next steps you can take and everyone who attends the session will get a workbook to follow through with the process at their own organization.
Presenter Ben Hastings
About Ben Hastings
Ben Hastings, CEO at PerformYard. Ben Hastings founded PerformYard in 2013 after being disappointed with the feedback and career discussions he was having early in his career. Since then he's partnered with tens of thousands of HR professionals to implement modern performance strategies and has built one of the best performance management software solutions on the market. Ben would like to have hobbies outside of work but currently has four little kids less than six years apart. His specialty is being a human jungle gym.
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