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The Data Dilemma: What Data Reveals About Your Diversity Initiatives
Leadership Jackye Clayton Oct 08, 2020
Data. Most human resource organizations collect tons and tons of data. Starting with applications, resumes, and assessments. And then you have HRIS data, payroll data, and don't forget performance data. Then there is the measurement of branding, and ad performance, and the list goes on and on. With all of this data, you would think it would be easy to measure how our diversity recruiting efforts are going. But what is the RIGHT data as it relates to diversity and how can you collect it and then measure it? In this presentation, you will find out!
Presenter Jackye Clayton
About Jackye Clayton
Jackye Clayton is a uniquely inspirational speaker, combining hard-earned stripes as a recruiter and a sassy, infectious personality that truly inspires confidence in her message. With acclaimed expertise in recruitment technology and a global network of HR and recruiting professionals, Jackye leaves audiences excited to take her insight and apply new tools to immediately transform their careers and organizations. Most recently, Jackye served as the Director of Customer Success for HiringSolved, the leader in AI-based talent acquisition software.
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