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The Five Real Reasons Managers Don't Coach
Leadership Michael Bungay Stanier Nov 08, 2018
Many of us have encouraged our leaders across all levels of the organization to make coaching an everyday part of their repertoire. But most of us have struggled to get traction. It’s frustrating. You know that coaching can help drive focus, impact and engagement. Everyone wins. So what’s getting in the way? Box of Crayons has trained more than fifty thousand leaders in practical, everyday coaching skills. Over the years we’ve uncovered the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) ways in which they resist changing how they lead. Here’s what we’ve heard ... and how we melt away that resistance.
Presenter Michael Bungay Stanier
About Michael Bungay Stanier
Michael Bungay Stanier is at the forefront of shaping how organizations around the world make being coach-like an essential leadership behavior and competency. His book The Coaching Habit is the best-selling coaching book of this century, with over 700,000 copies sold and 1,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon. In 2019, he was named the #1 thought leader in coaching, and was shortlisted for the coaching prize by Thinkers50, the “Oscars of management”. Michael was the first Canadian Coach of the Year and has been named a Global Coaching Guru since 2014. He was a Rhodes Scholar. Michael is the Founder of Box of Crayons. Box of Crayons is a learning and development company that helps organizations transform from advice-driven to curiosity-led. Michael is a compelling keynote speaker who combines practicality, humour, and an unprecedented degree of engagement with the audience. He has performed around the world in front of crowds ranging from ten to ten thousand.
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