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The Worst Advice HR Professionals are Currently Following
Strategic HR David Miklas Nov 04, 2021
This session is designed to bring your knowledge to the next level. HR professionals at all levels hear bad advice. Sometimes they follow that bad advice without realizing it is poor advice. In this session you will learn from an experienced employment attorney who regularly sees what HR pros around Florida are doing that is not a best practice. This is a session you do not want to miss.
Presenter David Miklas
About David Miklas
David Miklas owns a Labor & Employment law firm and for 22 years he has practiced all types of labor and employment law exclusively representing Florida employers. He has written hundreds of employment law articles, is a frequent employment law presenter and is a nationally recognized speaker and an invited guest lecturer addressing employment law and human resource issues with over thirty universities, including Harvard. Mr. Miklas graduated from the University of Florida College of Law.
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