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Your Employees Hate Your Performance Review: Here's What to Do About It
Performance Amanda Haddaway Nov 08, 2018
Performance management can, and should, provide a process that helps employees grow from ongoing feedback, reinforcement of excellent work, and corrective action for sub-par performance. However, many employers are using ineffective forms, rating scales, and systems that have been in place for decades. These same tools have little impact on changing employee behaviors and even less on employee engagement and retention. There is a better way! During this webcast, you’ll hear about performance management trends that are working. Your organization doesn’t have to eliminate performance reviews, but the way you think about them needs to change.
Presenter Amanda Haddaway
About Amanda Haddaway
Amanda Haddaway is the managing director and lead consultant and trainer for HR Answerbox, a boutique consultancy focused on solving the people problems that business owners, executives and managers face on a daily basis. Amanda has nearly 40,000 hours of experience in human resources. She specializes in resolving difficult employee relations situations, designing and facilitating interactive training solutions and advising small businesses on how to effectively manage their human capital.
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