An Unexpected Employee Benefit to Boost Productivity [VIDEO]

Do you work well when you’re panicked about paying for a needed surgery? Or worried about having enough to pay your credit card bills? Or wanting to contribute to retirement?

No matter how much you try not to let personal problems seep into work and productivity, it’s nearly impossible.

Benefits—even seemingly small ones—impact the real lives of employees and that affects their ability to do their best work. That’s the idea behind our Financial Peace University benefit at BambooHR.

At BambooHR, we encourage (and even pay for) all of our people to take Financial Peace University, a class where employees learn how to manage money even better than the Monopoly guy. It’s important to us that employees become better in every aspect of their life—both inside and outside of work.

It has helped employees pay off and save more than two hundred thousand dollars and gain peace of mind that allows them to focus hard at work.

Here are some of our very own employees who have benefited from taking the class: