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A single platform where everything works together.

Siloed systems, separate sources of employee data, and disconnected workflows create painful processes and add hours of extra work. BambooHR brings together best-in-class solutions, capabilities, and integrations in one platform, using a single source of data.

  • Manage employee data and gather valuable insights.
  • Find, hire, and onboard the best talent.
  • Simplify payroll, track hours, and manage benefits.
  • Measure the employee experience and performance.
  • Connect additional tools through pre-built integrations.

And with new features and integrations added every month, we’re always cooking up new ways to make BambooHR even more helpful, capable, comprehensive, and customizable.

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“It’s so clean, so easy to find things you’re looking for… it’s all in one place. It’s just one login, one system.”

Devra Fregin | Practice Manager | Clinica Colorado

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“Using BambooHR has made my work life so much easier. Its user-friendly capabilities provide an all-in-one solution for our managers and employees to do everything they need to from taking time off to getting paid. Running payroll is so simple, the hiring feature gives a great candidate experience, the performance reviews can be automated, running reports are quick, but my all time favorite is the built-in employee wellness and satisfaction surveys, so I can keep a pulse on how everyone is doing.”

Sonja Smith | Director of Human Resources | Umbra

HR is hard. BambooHR is easy.

HR Data & Reporting

Automate Data Management and Gain Valuable Insight

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Hiring & Onboarding

Win the Talent Contest and Create Better First Days

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Payroll, Time, & Benefits

Track It All and Pay Your People With Ease

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Employee Experience & Performance

Start Your Workplace Transformation

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Integration Marketplace

Discover Integrations to Customize Your Experience

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Take BambooHR and Your Organization to the Next Level with Pre-built Software Integrations

Choose from 100+ partner integrations with existing API connections directly to BambooHR.

Build and automate your business even further by adding vetted and pre-built software integrations to the BambooHR platform. You're guaranteed to find solutions to help you, your executives, and your people thrive, all while using BambooHR as your single source of employee data.

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