Looking Back to Plan Ahead

We dove deep into BambooHR usage data to pinpoint what was at the forefront of HR in 2022.

It’s been a rocky road, but our customers rose to the challenge and emerged as HR rockstars in 2022. According to BambooHR usage data, they got serious about guiding the employee experience and getting strategic with their HR data, with the following trends taking shape as they gear up to tackle 2023 head on.

Shifting Toward a People-First Culture

What This Means: HR Wants to Amplify Employee Voices and Employee Experience

If 2021 was the year of the Great Resignation, 2022 seems to have been the year of Finding Out Why It Happened. We witnessed a deliberate shift toward a people-first, communication-driven culture with a joint focus on listening more and serving employees better. Twenty-five percent (+25.5%) more time off requests were processed compared to last year. Thirty-two percent (+32.52%) more employees were enrolled in an increasing variety of benefits. And with 758,463 total pulse surveys completed, our customers amplified employee voices more than ever with our newly expanded employee experience pulse surveys.

What can you do to prepare for 2023?

  • Keep pushing to discover what really motivates employees. Get a jumpstart on your research by reviewing our 2022 Compensation Trends Report.
  • Seek feedback straight from your own employees, and use reliable, research-backed tools like Employee Satisfaction to measure employee sentiment and track it throughout the year—and beyond.
  • Enrich your understanding of the employee experience with a deeper, multifaceted exploration of what takes employees from “satisfied” to “engaged.” We launched our own Employee Wellbeing survey tool this year for just this purpose.

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Prioritizing Career Growth

What This Means: Employees and HR Pros Alike Crave Career Growth

From the uptick in completed goals (17.46% increase since 2021) and self-assessments (+20.68%) to the 32,031 hours logged in strategic growth conversations with our Customer Success team, we see people itching for professional development opportunities and engaging with the process. Employers are also aligning employee goals with business strategy and creating pathways for growth into 2023.

What can you do to prepare for 2023?

  • Create a professional growth and development plan for your company that suits your needs and employees. Don’t know where to begin? Start by reading our Definitive Guide to Performance Management.
  • Enable continuous performance management with a tool that was built for ongoing, meaningful, and actionable communication: BambooHR Performance Management.
  • Get the help you need to elevate your HR practice. Our content library is a great place to start. We’re constantly creating content about pressing HR topics, so you always have somewhere to go for encouragement, support, clarity, and insight.
  • Tune into HR Unplugged and HR Disruptors for live deep dives into difficult HR issues, keep an eye on all upcoming webinars, and explore our on-demand sessions for new, clarifying insights on the topics that keep your brain working overtime. Find it all right here.
  • Join our HR Heroes Slack community, where you can connect and collaborate in real-time with HR pros trying to make a difference just like you.

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Using HR Data to Drive Strategic Business Value

Learn how Gravy Analytics is leveraging Performance Management and Employee Satisfaction

Becky Thompson, HR Director | Gravy Analytics

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Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Great Talent

What This Means: HR Wants Retention Initiatives to Begin at Recruitment

Employee turnover remained a concern through 2022, with HR leaders taking a fresh look at every stage of the employee lifecycle to learn where and how to focus retention efforts. This year, our users honed in on first impressions, with a 20 percent increase in completed new hire packets. From the moment of first contact to e-signing the offer letter, pre-boarding, and first-day welcomes, the goal was creating ease, clarity, and excitement to lay the groundwork for a long and productive relationship with new hires.

What can you do to prepare for 2023?

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What Have We Been Up to in 2022?

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