Generation Z

Who Is Generation Z?

Generation Z (also called Gen Z, Zoomers, or post-millennials) is the second-youngest generation, with Millennials before and Generation Alpha after. Gen Zers were born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. Currently, Gen Z makes up 20% of the US population.

What Is the Generation Z Age Range?

Most sources agree that Gen Zers were born between 1997 and 2012. So, as of 2023, the Gen Z age range is roughly between 11 and 26 years old.

What Are Generation Z Characteristics?

Gen Z is the most diverse generation so far in US history, with 49% identifying as non-White. They’re also called “digital natives” since they grew up after the advent of the internet and during the rise of smartphones.

Moreover, Gen Z faces an unprecedented behavioral health crisis—25% report feeling anxious due to stressors such as global unrest, financial crises, global warming, and educational interruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, they are generally open-minded about receiving help from mental health experts.

Although Gen Zers face many pressing concerns, they’re known for their idealism. They generally have socially progressive views and advocate for eco-friendly practices and equal treatment of others.

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What Does Gen Z Value?

In addition to the above, Gen Zers notably value:

What Advantages Does Generation Z Have?

Gen Zers’ entrepreneurial ambition and technological prowess will benefit them as they continue carving out their space in the workforce.

According to a survey of hiring managers, Gen Z offers other advantages such as:

What Generation Z Values in the Workplace

By 2030, almost one-third of the US workforce will be Gen Z. While salary is still an important factor when considering a job, Gen Z values salary less compared to other generations. They are driven by the prospect of doing meaningful work and the chance to be a catalyst for social change.

To effectively recruit and manage Gen Z, companies should:

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