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Measure Employee Satisfaction to Make Meaningful Change
Employee Engagement Court Christopherson Oct 08, 2020
Why is it so important to measure employee satisfaction in today’s changing climate? What are the ways you can measure employee satisfaction, and what would be best for your organization? After gathering results, how do you make meaningful changes in your organization? BambooHR has developed a way to help organizations know and understand how their employees feel about coming to work by gathering true and honest anonymous feedback. Join us to learn the ins and outs of how BambooHR and other organizations are measuring employee satisfaction and how they’re leveraging the results to be more successful and make a difference in their employee’s work experience.
Presenter Court Christopherson
About Court Christopherson
Court Christopherson is a senior product manager at BambooHR over culture and reporting. Court has been in product management for over six years, three of those at BambooHR. He lives in Utah with his two kids, Clay (3) and Kalli (2). Originally from the Seattle, Washington area, he loves mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding together with his wife. He loves spending time with family, and when it comes to food, he is an adventurous eater—the spicier, the better.
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