4 Ways Human Resources Uses Pinterest

I don’t know one person who couldn’t lose themselves for an hour—or four—on Pinterest. I turn to Pinterest when I need more information about pretty much anything. And we organization freaks love a tidy way to keep ideas together. I see folders for dream-home ideas, healthy recipes, fashion combinations, funny memes, pictures of cute cuddly animals—and Human Resources?!?

Yup, I said HR. You see, Pinterest isn’t just for stay-at-home moms who are trying to find fancy, new hair-dos for their toddlers—although women are 4 times more likely to visit the web site. It can also be an effective way to organize professional ideas. Because as much as we might need to go back and find that great rustic kitchen we pinned, we also want to go back and find those pins that will help us do our jobs better in the future.

Here are four ways HR uses Pinterest:

• Inspiration. People want to be inspired. In HR, we like to know that what we do is making a dent in the world, in our companies and how we’re helping employees. We want to remember how we’re inspiring others so we can keep doing our jobs with passion.


• Infographics. We love data and stats and like knowing what our people want so we can do our jobs better and help our employees do their jobs the best they can. You can find infographics on employee recognition, communication in the office, trends in the workplace, social recruiting—just to name a few.


• Helpful articles and blogs. Similar to infographics, we can organize blogs and articles that give us tips on how to better handle situations that come up in HR. There are so many great bloggers and HR leaders who are sharing their expertise, and it’s great to put aside articles that particularly resonate with us. We love to learn and know what we can do to improve—whether it’s updates on laws and compliance, benefits or how to more effectively communicate at the workplace.


• Funny HR stuff. Let’s face it, sometimes we just need to laugh. After all, HR knows more than anyone that employee productivity is better when we have short breaks. So let’s laugh a little and find the humor in what we love doing.


Did I forget anything? Are there other ways you use Pinterest to help you do your job?