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    Bamboo Payroll™

    Payroll with Purpose

    Find out if Bamboo Payroll is right for you

    Making Payroll a Positive Experience

    Your people deserve more than a paycheck.

    HR is a creator and caretaker of the employee experience, driving retention, satisfaction, and even performance. So why does payroll–one of HR's most critical employee interactions–seem so painful? Traditional payroll is stuck in the past. It's time-consuming for admins and overly complicated for employees. It’s not what paying or getting paid should feel like for either party. Bamboo Payroll turns payroll from a tedious process into the easy, rewarding, insightful experience it should be for everyone.

    Integrated Payroll Services
    Payroll Software

    Paystubs Reinvented

    Say goodbye to paystub confusion.

    Employees care about being paid on time, correctly, and transparently. Until now, that’s meant deciphering the line-item layout and technical language of traditional paystubs. Bamboo Payroll simplifies things by including easy-to-read, full-color graphs, and by using plain language to describe taxes, deductions, and take-home pay. Employees can make deduction and deposit changes inside BambooHR—the same program they use for PTO, benefits, and coworker contact info—and it’s even mobile-friendly. When’s the last time you checked your pay history on your phone?

    • Full-Service Online Experience

      No tricks. All the treats (plus APA-Trained support).

      Processing traditional payroll can be tricky—and a mistake can cost anything from thousands of dollars in fines to the loss of your most talented employee. Bamboo Payroll is powered by Execupay, the leading privately-owned payroll provider. And since the most common payroll errors involve taxes, we pair you with your very own APA-Trained Payroll Support Hero to help answer any tricky tax questions you may have, not to mention anything and everything else payroll-oriented.

    • Stress-free Transition

      Easy, fast, and fluid.

      The results of change can be incredible, but nobody welcomes the process even when it promises a massive improvement. We make it easy to switch to Bamboo Payroll regardless of where you are in the quarter. We assume responsibility for your remaining tax payments and filings, and we conduct the necessary audits and payroll tests to ensure accuracy. That gets you onboard faster and makes for a better payroll experience.

    • Automated Tax Prep and Filings

      We’ll take it from here.

      Paying your own personal taxes is stressful enough, but it’s nothing compared to managing tax information for an entire company. With Bamboo Payroll, we take the stress out of tax prep by not only answering tax questions, but also by paying and filing your taxes—both ongoing and year-end—so you don’t have to. We even generate end-of-year W2’s for employees and 1099’s for your independent contractors.