HR Software: What It Is and How to Choose the Best Solution

What Is Human Resources Software?

HR software refers to a digital solution for managing and optimizing the daily human resources tasks and overall HR goals of an organization. Thanks to HR software, HR staff and managers can reallocate time spent on tedious administrative tasks to more productive, profitable efforts.

HR software technology has come a long way since the first time computers were employed to manage human capital data in the 1970s. HR systems became more widely available to enterprise clients in the 1980s, and the arrival of web-based software in the 1990s made HR software even more common.

These days, most new systems are cloud-based, subscription-based, easily integrated with other data management programs, and highly customizable to an individual organization’s needs, goals, and budget. In short, there is now an HR software solution for every size and type of organization.

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How SaaS HR Solutions Work

HR software—also known as "software as a service" or SaaS—assists an organization’s human resources department by automating manual tasks, keeping employee information organized, and creating data-driven reports.

This is all done electronically, eliminating the need for paper documents. SaaS HR solutions can also serve employees and managers within an organization, assisting with tasks like time tracking, updating employee directories, and performance management.

Some of the functions HR software can perform include:

What Is Cloud HR Software?

Cloud HR software, also known as cloud-based HR software, is a web-based software application that allows organizations to manage their HR processes and employee data in a secure, centralized system that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Not all HR software is cloud-based, but cloud-based HR software has become the standard for many organizations. On-premise HR software, where the software is installed on local servers and maintained by the organization's IT department, used to be the norm. However, with the rise of cloud computing and the benefits that cloud-based HR software offers, more organizations are opting for cloud-based solutions.

Cloud HR software offers several advantages over traditional on-premise HR systems, including lower upfront costs, faster implementation, automatic software updates, and greater accessibility and flexibility. Additionally, cloud HR software can help organizations reduce the administrative burden of HR tasks, improve data accuracy and security, and enhance employee engagement and productivity.

7 Key Benefits of HR Software

While there are many benefits of using HR software, one of the biggest is its ability to reduce the time spent on repetitive, low-impact administrative tasks, which allows HR professionals to focus on more productive responsibilities and longer-term strategic outcomes.

Beyond this, other major benefits include:

How to Choose the Best HR Software for Your Business

Look for Payroll and HR Software

When shopping for HR software, determine if you also need Payroll software. Not all HR software includes payroll functionality, while some integrate with payroll software to provide a seamless, end-to-end solution for managing compensation.

When HR and payroll software are integrated, data can be shared automatically between the two systems, reducing the risk of errors and minimizing manual data entry. For example, when an employee's pay rate or tax information is updated in the HR software, the payroll software can automatically update the employee's payroll records without the need for duplicate data entry.

Integration between HR and payroll software can also help organizations comply with various tax regulations and labor laws, as well as reduce the administrative burden of managing payroll processes. If the HR software you choose doesn't include payroll functionality, make sure it integrates with your payroll software for a seamless and efficient solution.

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Look for Additional Key Functionalities

Some types of HR software that may help your organization reach its goals are those that offer other key features, including applicant tracking management and onboarding, performance, and employee engagement.

Whether you’re looking to effectively onboard new employees, conduct better performance reviews, improve payroll processes, and more, BambooHR offers award-winning HR software solutions for everything from hire to retire.

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