Happy Little Clouds: How Cloud Storage Saves Your Data

I grew up watching Bob Ross wielding his palette of many colors, dabbing his paint brush onto canvas and creating those “happy little clouds” on PBS. His gentle voice always put me at ease—and sometimes to sleep—as he demonstrated how to paint a sky. Happy little clouds. That nostalgic phrase still puts me at ease when I think of clouds, particularly the clouds where BambooHR stores HR data.

What Does “In the Cloud” Really Mean?
“In the Cloud” means that BambooHR has your back and is storing your data for you. You don’t need to worry about your spreadsheet getting corrupted or your hard drive crashing because we store all of your data in a secure, centralized location. Cloud means on-demand. So when you need to run an EEO-1 report, you’ll have the data you need in seconds. Using the cloud allows you to get the same awesome features and benefits big companies have regardless of the size of your company.

How does Cloud Storage Benefit Your Company?
Because BambooHR is cloud-based, you don’t have to buy or install your own software. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is available to you—and your managers and employees to check certain HR data as needed—through your web browser. If you have an Internet connection, you can access your HR data anytime, anywhere.

It’s also cost effective because you don’t have to buy or maintain servers or hardware. Plus, we’re always updating the software and adding free new features that extend immediately over to our customers.

What Happens when Literal Storm Clouds Appear?
Natural disasters occur. What happens to your company’s data if another Hurricane Katrina tries to wipe you out? Don’t let it kick you when you’re down. One of the benefits of having your data stored in the cloud rather than physically on a spreadsheet at the office is that your data is safe and intact in a location far away from the trouble.

Are You Safe?
We take security very seriously. We back up your data in several locations. Just in case. Your data is stored securely behind firewalls with military-grade encryption (AES-256).

We continually monitor your data integrity. In fact, when one of our current customers, SecurityMetrics, was evaluating BambooHR for their own HR needs, they wanted to make sure their data would be secure. They asked if they could do a penetration test since that is one of their specialties. Of course we agreed and our security passed with flying colors! Now three years in a row!

We take every precaution so that your data stays in a happy little cloud.