Announcing the BambooHR Hero Awards

We’ve entered awards season, and BambooHR wants in the on the game! Not just because it’s fun to say names into a microphone dramatically and give out hardware. To be clear, that is a delightful experience. However, we’ve decided to enter the awards game because we want to make sure HR is appreciated and celebrated.

That’s why we’ve created the BambooHR Hero Awards. Because even if the typical HR team we work with isn’t comprised of people with supernatural powers and secret identities, we consider their work to be heroic. And we want to award their heroism!

So before you apply, here are a few answers to common questions about the awards program:

What are the Hero Awards?

Our annual awards created to recognize BambooHR customers who excel in various HR areas. The awards program features six different categories: Culture, Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Reward and Recognition, Performance Management, and High-Impact HR. The six winning organizations will be honored at the BambooHR Summit on April 25-27, 2018.

Why should a customer apply for a Hero Award?

Aside from the pride of knowing your work makes a difference, winners will also receive complimentary tickets to the BambooHR Summit, as well as promotional materials (such as digital badges and banners) and a physical award for your trophy case! If nothing else, apply to see the questions we think answer whether your HR efforts are on the right track or not.

CTA: Sign up for the BambooHR Summit now!

How do customers apply for a Hero Award?

Simply go here to fill out the short application. All submissions must be completed by February 1, 2018. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a BambooHR Support Hero. If you are a semifinalist, we may ask you to participate in a short follow-up interview sometime after February 1.

Any tips on the application process?

We know how hard it is sometimes for HR to brag, so consider this us giving you permission to toot your own horn in your application. And provide as many specific details as possible. So, rather than telling us, “we improved retention last year,” tell us how you “improved retention by 20 percent.” Instead of claiming, “employees are more satisfied with the organization,” tell us how your “Glassdoor rating went from 4.1 to 4.3.” Stuff like that.

Anything else?

Only a few organizations will win, but anybody who seeks to make better places to work is a winner in our eyes. But, just to be clear, only a few will get physical awards. So put your best foot forward and show us your heroic side. Good luck!


Announcing the BambooHR Hero Awards: