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Established Businesses

Support every facet of your people's needs.

BambooHR is the all-in-one HR solution that helps your organization preserve open communication, thoughtful collaboration, and shared purpose.

  • One source of data for HRIS and payroll reduces costly manual errors.
  • Collaborative applicant tracking provides a consistent, communicative hiring process across different locations or satellite offices.
  • Onboarding checklists and preboarding packages give new hires everything they need for a great start.
  • Employee self-service for time-off requests, paystubs, personal information, and more sets HR free to focus on culture.
Know who’s out at a glance.
Take on the heavy payroll lift.

Keeping track of payroll specifics for hundreds of employees requires more than gumption. BambooHR connects people data with payroll, leading to less manual entry and lowering your risk of costly errors.

Get unfiltered feedback.
Get unfiltered feedback.

As your employee headcount continues to increase, so does the challenge of keeping your finger on the pulse of your operation. How well has the culture you’ve worked so hard to create held up across teams and departments? BambooHR® Employee Satisfaction lets employees give truly anonymous feedback, letting you analyze trends based on how employees are really feeling—instead of what you think (or hope) they’re feeling.

Hire like your biggest talent competitors.
Stay on top of the hiring game.

It takes coordination and consistent communication to give every job candidate a good hiring experience, especially as your organization adds locations or new teams. BambooHR® Hiring helps you manage applicant information, provides templates for acceptance and rejection letters, and saves time with new hire packets and electronic signatures.

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Building a great place to work is easier with BambooHR.
See how BambooHR can be an all-in-one solution for every stage of your organization’s growth.
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